Visual Specialist Job

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Job Description
- Alamogordo, NM---White Sands Mall, 00671
Job Title:Visual Specialist
Do you walk into someone's home and turn a vase a certain way or move a lamp to another table to let the light in? Are you always nitpicking someone's clothes and telling them to roll their sleeves the right way or un-tuck their shirt a bit for a more natural look? Do you live the phrase "the devil's in the details"? Do you like being a part of something that's never been done before? Well...being a Visual Specialist in the new jcp might be the position for you! Come be a part of a team that is changing the face of retail forever.
The Visual Specialist's role is to execute and maintain the store's visual presentation across all forms, fixtures, and signing to deliver a clean, crisp, and designed shopping experience for our customers.
o Responsible for all creative design - You know how important a consistent visual experience is for our customers across the country. You understand the company direction on how our merchandise should be displayed and what the expectations are to deliver a visually stunning environment for our customers. You make that all happen!
o Responsible for the merchandising layout for the store - You've got vision. You always see the store through the customer's eyes. You make sure all adjacencies are aligned with company direction and that brand strikepoints have the biggest impact on the customer.
o Partners with team members on visual execution - You've got some best friends in the store. You like them so much you work closely with them every day. You partner with the Support Specialists as merchandise hits the floor based on company guidance as well as collaborate with Fashion Experts on updating mannequins and fixtures when sell-through occurs to deliver that great compelling merchandise experience.
o Responsible for the visual elements in the stockroom - You manage a team...of mannequins (and all other visual elements). No one messes with your stuff in the back because they know that you've got things just the way you want them. They're clean, orderly, in-stock, and ready to go to the floor!
o Assists customers - You're maneuvering around the store ensuring all of the merchandise is looking it's best and communicating the right message, but when a customer stops you to ask a question or request assistance, there's no one they'd rather be talking to than you.
Skills and Characteristics:
o Detail Orientation - You've never left your "T's" uncrossed or your "I's" undotted. You know what's right and check and double check to ensure it's right
o Visual Merchandising - You're passionate about merchandise and possess a deep understanding of visual design / concept / presentation.
o Passion for Retail - You love the retail environment. You love being on your feet, moving around, handling merchandise, and making people HAPPY!
o Creative - You think of new things all the time and seem to have a never ending list of what to tweak to make them better.
o Initiative - You're on the move even before someone asks. You see the opportunities and you go after them!

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